The Future

The library is again under development and new features are being added.

Current "To Do"-List:

  • renovating litesql-gen and the library (changes in XML schema)
  • writing extensive unit tests
  • ensuring that library compiles on different platforms and compilers
  • documenting
  • methods for accessing information of objects, fields and relations run-time (reflectivity support)
  • support for backend specific options/optimizations (for example triggers, stored procedures, different storage engines)
  • chained relation handles: jack.children().friends().mother().get().all()
  • combined relation (objects):
  • select upcasted - method: selects group of objects and automatically upcasts them to correct type effectively (using select distinct type_ from X)
  • update-, delete- and persistent related methods for relation row objects
  • user defined field types (such as date, datetime, time - classes)
  • reset - feature to sqlite3 - backend (optimization)
  • Python-target, code generator and library Logo