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litesql::SelectQuery Class Reference

a class that helps creating SELECT-SQL statements. More...

#include <selectquery.hpp>

Public Member Functions

SelectQuerydistinct (bool d)
SelectQuerylimit (int value)
SelectQueryoffset (int value)
SelectQueryresult (const std::string &r)
SelectQueryclearResults ()
SelectQuerysource (const std::string &s, const std::string &alias="")
SelectQuerywhere (const Expr &w)
SelectQuerywhere (const std::string &w)
SelectQuerygroupBy (const std::string &gb)
SelectQueryhaving (const Expr &h)
SelectQueryhaving (const std::string &h)
SelectQueryorderBy (const std::string &ob, bool ascending=true)
 operator std::string () const
std::string asString () const

Detailed Description

a class that helps creating SELECT-SQL statements.

methods are self-explanatory.

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