Version 0.3.18

  • cleaned up sourcetree and build with cmake (can build and use sqlite3 sources and expat)
  • removed internal outdated source copies for expat and sqlite3
  • experimental codegenerators for go xorm, protobuf and others
  • database backend for sqlite3 in shared library, other database will follow
  • working cmake build on linux, osx and windows/ Visual Studio 17

Version 0.3.17

fix for #45 license corrected fix for #39 MD5 hash bug, UINT4 is now an uint32_t, which should work also correct on 64bit systems updated examples applied patch #15 without changes for mysql - added protobuf generator removed Blob::nil (patch #13) parser error fixed for relation::field::values (values inside relations are not parsed before) bugfix for #36 fatal error: exampledatabase.hpp: No such file or directory bugfix for #34 Missing constants for values in fields of relations applied suggested patch #12 MySQL Connector C /NODEFAULTLIB:LIBCMT

Version 0.3.16

  • bugfix for #31 "delRelations not called on delete record"

Version 0.3.15

  • bugfix and extension for blobs

Version 0.3.14

Version 0.3.13

  • support for oracle backend (ocilib)
  • database specific datatypes are used (needed for oracle backend)

Version 0.3.12

  • Visual Litesql Link installed in Menu
  • fixed error in codegenerator factory map in it on linux
  • codegenerator for wxformbuilder added (Initial version)
  • autotools support updated

Version 0.3.11

  • support for bigint datatype

Version 0.3.10

  • better gui
  • changed memory handling inside model (counted_ptr)
  • fixes in autoconf-based build

Version 0.3.9

  • platform-specific build issues fixed
  • fix for xml-parser error on method params
  • made function parameters on runtime classe const
  • usable GUI-Tool (not all features of litesql are supported, ui design could be better, on OSX the gui is terrible layouted )

8 Version 0.3.8

  • added double as field type for higher precision calculation
  • fixed trac ticket #25 (uncatched exceptions on validating model are catched now)
  • Beta for Gui-Tool for editing and generating Code (cross-platform through wxWidgets)

Version 0.3.7

  • fixed error on creating indexes (see trac ticket #23)

Version 0.3.6

  • moved code for loading and storing the model into an own library
  • added initial version of a win32 gui for code generation (not ready for production use)
  • refactored code generators
  • added code generator for ActiveRecord (not ready for production use)
  • added multi-target code generation ( multiple -t options)
  • added options to litesql-gen for output-directory (–output-dir=)
  • fixed a bug with postgres on database update
  • fixed a bug: added parsing of index and indexfield tags (was not in the new parser)

Version 0.3.5

  • feature: added tag to generator for including other files
  • feature: added BLOB-support
  • bug fix: Ticket #8 upgrade removes indices
  • bug fix: Ticket #13 BLOB-Support for 0.3.x

Version 0.3.4

  • feature: introduced CMake-based build system (used for windows build)
  • feature: Installer for Windows (installs Documentation,litesql-gen, libraries and includes)
  • bug fix: Ticket #10 float with integer default value does not work
  • bug fix: Ticket #13 Saving and loading dates
  • bug fix: Ticket #9 SQLite3 - open database (parameters are now separated with ";")

Version 0.3.3

2008 November 12th

  • bug fix: compilation issues fixed with g++ 4.x
  • bug fix: postgresql.cpp memory leak fixed
  • documentation fix: rowsLeft example and documentation fixed

Version 0.3.2

2006 January 25th:

  • feature: static FieldType-objects for subclasses' id fields are now named Class::Own::Id so that they can be used in template methods
  • bug fix: litesql-gen compiles again with g++ 4.0 (explicit template specialization was missing)

2006 January 21th:

  • feature: litesql-gen writes static FieldType - objects for subclasses' id fields
  • bug fix: litesql-gen wrote broken RelationHandle::del - method. It deleted all rows.
  • bug fix: SQLite3-backend transaction reset not needed in case of an error

2006 January 20th:

  • bug fix: Date-, DateTime- and Time-fields were broken.
  • bug fix: litesql-gen wrote invalid default values for Date-, DateTime and Time-fields.
  • bug fix: litesql-gen did not reset fields' modified flags when assigning record to object

2006 January 19th:

  • bug fix: MySQL 5 does not like names like 'schema' and 'sql'. Internal table is now named to 'schema_' and fields are postfixed with an underscore. This breaks compatibility with databases created with previous versions.

2006 January 16th:

  • bug fix: litesql-gen did not create correct SQL schema for backends with auto incrementing primary key fields (mysql, sqlite3)
  • bug fix: SQLite3 - backend did not reset transaction state when error occurred
  • litesql-gen writes #ifndef #define #endif - checks to generated header now

2006 January 14th:

  • bug fix: litesql-gen did not sort objects of relation tags and this resulted to broken relation table names

2006 January 3rd:

  • bug fix: litesql-gen writes explicit template parameters for make_pair now (gcc 2.96 requires it)

2005 December 25th:

  • bug fix: all backend transaction routines leaked some memory (fixed by Michel Loiseleur)
  • bug fix: litesql-gen crashed when XML file had undefined objects inside relation tag
  • litesql-config utility and pkg-config support added (by Eric McDonald)
  • bug fix: litesql-gen produced broken table names when using longer name than 31 characters
  • bug fix: litesql-gen produced broken SQL (duplicated relation attribute fields in CREATE TABLE - statements)
  • RPM packaging headers (by Eric McDonald)
  • added .cvsignore - files (by Eric McDonald)
  • versioning and packaging improvements (by Eric McDonald)
  • litesql-gen : internal restructuring

Version 0.3.1

  • namespace - attribute is required now on (used in litesql-gen)
  • relation field type names are now consistent with object field type names (they start with uppercase letter)
  • bug fix: litesql-gen rejected relations with two or more objects with no relation handles (duplicate handle)
  • better tests for backend databases to (by Eric McDonald)

Version 0.3.0

  • anonymous enums removed from enumerated field values (in generated code), compiles now with g++-4.0
  • Relation::Row-class added, represents rows of relation table
  • Relation::getRows-method added, used to access relation rows
  • concurrency problem with SQLite3-backend.execute fixed
  • few VC++ - compilation issues fixed (by Axel Schmidt)
  • Python code generator replaced with C++ - code generator (litesql-gen)
  • RelationHandle::getRows-method added, used to access relation rows linked to particular object
  • configure-script added (uses autoconf and automake)
  • scons dependencies removed
  • Python dependencies removed
  • debian packaging headers added
  • graphviz - target added to litesql-gen
  • date-, time-, datetime- and boolean- types added

Version 0.2

  • macro hacks removed, XML database definition file and code generator is used now on
  • support for n-ary relations (relations that link three or more objects)
  • support for relation attributes (ordered relations are now possible)
  • set operations: intersect, union_, except
  • small changes under the hood
  • DataSource-class

Version 0.1

  • initial version Logo